Our Re-homing process:

We offer a 'home 'til re-homed' scheme for people who need to safely re-home their cat(s).

We offer a non-judgemental place to turn.

We set up this scheme because we wanted people to have a safe alternative to giving cats away on selling sites such as Gumtree; many of you will know that the consequences of a "free to a good home" advertisement can be fatal.

Here's some information about how our scheme works:

1) You would need to send us photos and a full description including (as a minimum) cat name gender, age, medical history, likes, dislikes, neutered? Chipped? Vaccinated?

2) We will advertise your cat on our page.

3) When someone is interested in adopting them we will arrange for them to meet your cat via WhatsApp video.

4) If the person wishes to adopt your cat and you are happy with this, one of the Cat-CHING team will carry out a home check; this ensures your cat will only go to purrrfect home 🐱

5) All being well with the home check we will liaise with yourself to arrange a suitable time for them to collect their new kitty.

If both parties wish to exchange contact details for photo updates etc. then this is okay with us but, no pressure, it's totally up to you and them 🙂